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Sod Installation Cuyahoga Falls

Best Local Sod satisfies the needs these days’s busy lifestyle at a surprisingly low cost. We do everything from grading and leveling your residential or commercial property to spreading out loam and setting up stunning new yard.

Instead of seeding a lawn or patching dead grass, you can get live, growing lawn in rolls or pallets called Sod. Sod is living pieces of lawn with the blades currently grown and even dirt attached to the bottom that the lawn is living on. Sod farms go through the problem of seeding, fertilizing, and cutting the grass so when the Sod gets to you, its ready to be put down and used.

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There are a number of species of grass that can be found in Sod and you desire a lawn that is belonging to your climate. In Cuyahoga Falls , we have hot summer seasons and cold winter seasons and some Sod lawn can’t take that type of modification. You also want to think about the rain and watering maintenance of the lawn. Some Sod turf is drought resistant and holds moisture better than others to sustain it. One big Sod choice to make is the exposure to sun adjustment. Some Sod needs more or less sunlight than others; some Sod lawns are even much better in shade.


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At Best Local Sod, we can help recognize the Sod your backyard needs and consider the upkeep levels for you. As soon as we know what characteristics your Sod needs, we can acquire and install your Sod for you. Whether you are patching a bare area or are Sodding and whole home, you can use Sod anywhere you need turf.


  • Bermuda Grass Sod
  • Centipede Grass Sod
  • Fine Fescue Grass Sod
  • Kentucky Bluegrass Sod
  • Rye Grass Sod
  • St. Augustine Grass Sod
  • Tall Fescue Grass Sod
  • Zoysia Grass Sod


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Preparing for Turf Yard Sod Setup

Call us to speak about lawn sod installation. Preparation of the task location is the key to a successful yard sod installation. Best Local Sod in Cuyahoga Falls OH can do the whole job for you from preparing the website to setting up the sod, or you can do parts of the task or the whole job yourself.

Any old yard should be removed from the task area before setting up the new turf. One way to do this and conserve labor and time is to utilize a sod cutter. You can lease one yourself or our installation team can do the sod removal for you.

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As soon as you have the old turf removed it’s still an excellent concept to treat the entire task location with Roundup or a similar product to guarantee that weeds do not emerge at the joints between the areas of your brand-new turf yard yard. You’ll likewise wish to till the soil to a depth of at least 4 inches and work organic matter into the soil when you do. After you’ve tilled the soil, you’ll rake out any particles or clods of dirt and you’ll fill any depressions to make sure that your task location drains well.

Grass Lawn Sod Delivery

If you have concerns about purchasing and setting up sod, please call our workplace

We deliver yard with our truck and “piggyback” forklift. The shipment charge is per journey and is based upon the mileage to the site from our office and the variety of pallets purchased. We will service any website in the Greater [city-name] OH, but we do have actually pallet minimums set for each area.

Our shipment services can end up being weather condition and website reliant. When we provide your turf lawn, our forklifts need to operate on firm ground to safely discharge your yard. We discourage our drivers from driving their forklifts on loose dirt, mud, or anything that may cause them to get stuck. We likewise alert that our forklifts typically leave marks on driveways, and might trigger damage to yard if we drive on it.

Grass Turf Sod Setup

If you wish to make sure that your financial investment in quality turf grass sod results in a long-lasting, gorgeous yard, we can help you with lawn sod setup! Our skilled setup team can install your new turf grass sod at an affordable price at a time that is convenient for you. Simply call and tell us the number of square feet you wish to cover or send us a quote request and we can provide you an accurate quote over the phone. If additional work such as dirt work or old grass needs to be cleared from the website, we will send somebody out to look at the your project location to give you an estimate based on your specific circumstances.

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The cost of grass sod setup depends upon numerous factors that consist of however are not limited to:

The quantity of preparation work required. The website needs to be cleared and correctly graded. If it is not, we will send somebody out to look at the website to offer an accurate estimate of what it will require to deal with those products.
Whether or not the location is accessible by forklift. If it is a yard that is fenced in or other location that the forklift can not gain access to (the forklift needs roughly 9 feet of horizontal clearance and 10 feet of vertical clearance), then the lawn needs to be moved by wheelbarrow to the website. This increases the time and amount of work included considerably so we usually charge an additional $10.00 per pallet of grass that has to be moved by wheelbarrow instead of lawn that can be put on the website by the forklift.
The range the crew has to travel to get to the job website and the number of pallets to be installed.
If you have any concern about the buying or installing turf lawn, please call. We’ll ask you for the details we require to make your next turf grass project a big success!

Residential Sod Installation

We have all heard the expression, “It’s so dull, like watching grass grow!” Well, if you are considering planting a brand-new yard or attempting to breathe life back into those brown patches of dirt, you may just be investing the next few months after planting turf seed, literally watching lawn grow … hopefully! It is a long process and based on a lot of elements, such as sunshine direction and time of day, rainfall or watering, fertilizing, aeration, picking the appropriate type of lawn for your place and your approach of soil preparation.

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Sod installation is the method to go if you do not have the time to “enjoy turf grow.” You are basically spending for the time cost savings, during which someone else supported and worked on the development of the grass, so that you do not have to.

Whether you are producing a brand-new lawn or hoping to revitalize locations where your yard is not doing well, sod is the fastest way to a rich, healthy, green carpet on your property. Another benefit of sod is that the grower has crafted the lawn to be resistant to disease and bugs, so that saves you the worry that all of your work will be undone by a force of nature and you would have to go through the process again.

The professionals at Best Local Sod can set up sod on practically any property, given that our years of experience allow us to tailor the soil and turf type depending upon the location, sunshine direction, rainfall, environment and the planned usage for the location. Will it receive rush hour, as part of a play area? Is it a lawn in a location with extremely low foot traffic? When expertly installed on appropriately customized soil, in the correct sunshine conditions and where accurate upkeep is offered, sod setup will become a valuable part of your landscape.

In perfect conditions, sod ought to be provided within 24 hr of being cut and the sod installation must be performed the very same day as the delivery. Given that there is a great deal of manual work involved in soil preparation, drainage facilitation, and possible grading of the location, these jobs are best left to experts. Our professionals know how to appropriately handle the preparation actions, the sod installation and the follow-up upkeep to guarantee that your financial investment in the sod produces the lush lawn that you expect.

Our years of experience have actually offered us with a depth of understanding about the soil types, best variety of grasses and the drain issues that we require to consider in order to meet your requirements for a great-looking, healthy yard. Contact Best Local Sod for expert guidance and sod setup and you will profit for several years to come, consisting of the boost in your home worth!


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